Saturday 18 June 2016


I have a new book out. I would ideally like to print it off, DIY fanzine-style, as it would more spiritually at home in such a format, but I also know what I'm like. It's called Gloomer. It is very spare, and very bleak. It can be found here:

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Be Kind, Rewind: Blockbuster Video, Dereham Road, Norwich

The long-vacant Blockbuster video store on Dereham Road, Norwich. Video rental stores were pivotal to my soul, growing up: the small, local, independent places were clearly the ones to frequent (in my hometown in Yorkshire, it was a place called KC Video: the horror section felt fabulously shifty, as any self-respecting horror section of a video shop should), but I've got good memories of working my way through the shelves of Blockbuster too. My education in film came from places like this. I miss them.

Monday 6 June 2016

In a Lonely Place: A Return to the Berney Arms

A return to Berney Arms, via what is perhaps East Anglia's most remote train station. The weather was unseasonably cold: the pub has closed: the landscape expansive.

Abandoned Boozers of Norwich #11: The Kimberley Arms

Returning to one of my earliest themes on Eastscapes: the decline of the good old traditional boozer. Whilst on the edge of Norwich's student land, I only ever called in here once: one Christmas Eve afternoon, by myself, waiting for my girlfriend to finish work in the city. There were about half a dozen regulars drinking, with the staff, from a multipack of cheap canned lager placed brazenly on the bar. I ordered a pint of John Smiths, was on the receiving end of a few suspicious looks, drank up swiftly, and headed off again.