Friday 24 February 2012

EastScapes: Doggerland exhibition - aka 'Ideas Above my Station'

It's been a fairly unproductive few months, blog-wise: the time demands of work and the decrease in the number of sunlit hours aren't particularly conducive to getting out into the region. I've also been working on a project: from March 15th - 22nd, in the House Gallery, Camberwell, I shall be exhibiting a selection of my images alongside works by Misa Tamura and Dan Howse. The show is entitled 'EastScapes: Doggerland,' and the thematic concerns which link the works surround notions of (predominantly coastal) decay and erosion, and our attempts to grasp and rationalise this slow geographical death.

At no time would I ever class myself as a photographer 'proper:' I do not have the equipment or training to ever approach the area of fine art photography. My approach has always had more than a touch of the DIY about it: were it not for the far-less shambolic works by my collaborators, I would refer to this as an 'artless exhibition.' It's not exactly punk, but, you know - taking the detritus and junk that surrounds us as aa springboard for impoverished creativity does sound pretty cool, at least to me.

The House gallery is to be found at

70 Camberwell Church Street

March 15th, to the 22nd. Opening hours, 8.30am to 4.30pm. Stop by, take a look.