Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"The Door Was Open So We Entered and Prayed": Wood Norton All Saints Church Visitor Book

The small, pretty All Saints Church at Wood Norton, Norfolk. I try not to photograph non-derelict churches too much, for two reasons: (1) they have all already been documented by better photographers than me, who know the subject, and (2) I'm not even sure doing jusice the sense of quietly dignified, rural community history is strictly possible. For me, at least.

Anyhow. I'm a bit of a sucker for looking through visitor's books, offering as they do a different, often transitory, approach to a church history. It's not uncommon to read comments left by visitors from other continents, and is fascinating to see reasons for their stopping by, and their reactions.


  1. curious...did you happen to notice how far back the dates went in this visitors log?

  2. Hi Angie - as this was a 'millenium visitor's book,' it started on January 1st, 2000. Such a small little village doesn't get too many visitors, so they're only about halfway through this log. The pages are starting to blacken and curl a little with damp and age, but I'm glad they're still using it.