Sunday, 8 May 2011

Prehistory and Power: The Arminghall Henge

Very little to see here, let alone photograph, this little patch in Arminghall, just outside of Norwich, is nevertheless the site of a Neolithic timber circle and henge. The two concentric rings are barely perceptible today, easily mistaken for mere mounds in a field. The henge is orientated on the midminter sunset.

The henge was discovered in 1929 by Gilbert Insall VC, who noticed the circles whilst flying overhead. (A decorated First World War pilot, he had also discovered Woodhenge a few years earlier in the same way). The River Tas flows past nearby.

The most noticable features of the landscape here today are the looming pylons and nearby electricity sub-station. There is something weirldy poetic about this: massive energy-transferring structures erected over the site of the location of long-gone prehistoric wooden totems.

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