Friday, 27 May 2011

Hello Down There: The Sheringham Park Gazebo

I love seeing the world from man-made high places. I find something strangely moving about seeing the unfolded world from the unnatural perspective of, say, the top of a multi-storey car park, a church tower, or a block of flats.

Anyhow. The gazebo in Sheringham Park. The park, known for its varieties of rhododendrons, has several smaller viewing stations and platforms overlooking the gardens. Not particularly one for flowers, however, it is this tower that I'm more interested in. Opened in 1988 by the Prince of Wales, it is relatively obscured by the surrounding trees although still offers a great view of the coast. The windmill at Weybourne, the North Norfolk Railway steam trains, numerous churches, Blakeney Point, and even Wells-Next-the-Sea can all be seen from the blustery tower top. As could a moody-looking storm coming in off the North Sea.

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