Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Abandoned Boozers of Norwich # 9: The Grove Inn

Closed July 2009. Recent reports in the local Evening News claim the 'eyesore' building has now been sold, and is to be demolished to make way for the inevitable flats. Situated on Cadge Road, Norwich.


  1. Great photos! THanks for sharing. Have you heard of the Britannia?


    It's nothing fancy, just another closed pub in the middle of estate houses I came across it the other day, and wondered if it was still inhabited.

  2. Thanks! I do know the Britannia, but haven't cut through that estate in a while, actually, so am currently not sure, but if memory serves right I think it was being used as flats / apartments a few years back. There's another pretty much just round the corner - The Lion and Castle, closed in the late '90s. That one may have a (well)faded sign outside still, too. May well have to pay them both a visit, now.