Monday, 30 August 2010

Abandoned Boozers of Norwich # 10: The Ferryboat

Closed since 2006. The Ferryboat was an important live music venue in the city until its closure in 2006. Bands and acts performed in a converted boat barn at the back of the pub. A selected list of acts to play there over the years can be found at the pub's Wikipedia entry:

Post-Moldy Peaches, pre-'Juno' soundtrack Kimya Dawson played there in 2004, too.

Fondly remembered by many, The Ferryboat has an additional dark curiosity nowadays since the revelation that Ipswich Strangler Steve Wright ran the pub in the late 1980s. The fact that The Ferryboat is located in Norwich's red light district did not go overlooked.

The Ferryboat is supposedly to reopen in 2011 as an eco-friendly youth hostel. Hopefully this will materialise, and will maintain some of its former life's more alternative spirit, in opposition to the increasingly soulless Riverside gentrification and yuppiefication that partly saw it closed in the first place.

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