Saturday, 15 May 2010

Abandoned Boozers of Norwich #2: The Magpie

Empty since 2006. A pub since the 1800s, it was formerly known as The Weighing Machine and Weighing Chains.

According to Norfolk's Evening News (April 16th, 2010), The Magpie was recently sold for £165,000 at auction to a relative of an owner of the pub from the 1930s, yet uses for it at the moment seem limited - local planning policy has The Magpie classified as a protected pub due to sections of the city's medieval walls descending as far as its cellar.

Despite a recent visit from the Queen to the nearby Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind on Magpie Road, the immediate surroundings of the pub are not in the rudest of health: the nearby St. Augustine's Street struggles with numerous derelict shops and properties.

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