Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm Still Here

Blogger apathy is nothing new, and I seem to be well in the midst of it. Photographer's block, maybe. Boredom, lethargy, depression. I'm attempting to keep the creative juices flowing with my writing - I've published a few things on Amazon's Kindle store, mainly horror stuff, and one of which ('The Sinners of Crowsmere') does have a local EastScapes-y relevance, set as it is in a fictional version of the Norfolk coast.

Anyhow. Just saying hi to my blog. This image is of the inside of a bus shelter in Marsham, Norfolk.

1 comment:

  1. Great image! I know how you feel about blogger apathy! I am in the middle of that right now too, so it's good not to be the only one! I was excited to find your images as I hope to move to East Anglia in the future and you show the hidden side of the area! Keep up the great work!