Monday, 29 October 2012

"Junkies Go Home:" Waste Woods

Across the road from Norwich's 'secret garden,' the restored nineteenth century Plantation Gardens, lies a strange scrap of forgotten waste woodland I assume was once part of the same quarry. (The famous 1988 image of the double decker bus sinking into a collapsed hole in the road, courtesy of instabilities caused by medieval chalk mines beneath the surface, happened mere yards away). I don't know what this chunk of crumbling wall is, or how many years it has stood. I like this place as a weird grotty twin to the Plantation Gardens.


  1. Fascinating, like all your posts. Do you have a email or messaging service that you can be contacted through? I would love to share more hidden places in Norwich.

    1. Hi Heathcliff - I'm always up for comparing notes for anywhere hidden and forgotten! If you want to drop me a line sometime, I'm at d1senior at (obviously, substitute 'at' for '@...')