Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dirty Toys and Burned Max Bygraves LPs: The Mousehold Heath Ranger's House

The Ranger's House at Mousehold Heath, Norwich. Built in the mid-1880s for the heath ranger - pretty much coinciding the time when the heath was given to the people of Norwich, so presumably the care of the heath prior was the responsibilty of the Church - and in use until the 1960s, it is now little more than a derelict shell with severe fire, smoke, and vandalism damage. Various plans have been mooted for the house - ideas range from it being used from a study centre to converted to social housing - but at the moment all seemed to have stalled. A few curious items littered about inside - heat-warped LPs, dirty toys - insinuate a pleasantly creepy vibe in the darkness.


  1. So sad! My grandmother & mother were born in Ranger's House when my Great Grandfather Benjamin Burdett was Ranger.

  2. Hello I am very fond of Mousehold I used to go there as a child to see the fireworks on 5 November. Recently I rediscovered the heath and I have found such pleasure remembering the good memories of childhood. I am so sorry about your family home. I know you were writing in 2013 but I hope that the Rangers House is in better condition now. It does not deserve to be left. Katherine H