Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Trouble at the Mill: The Remains of the Briggate Mill

The charred ruins of the former Briggate Mill, to be found between Worstead and North Walsham. There seems to be a degree of uncertainty as to the mill's exact age, but it is suggested that a mill has been on this site for at least two centuries. Finally closed in the late 1960s, Briggate Mill has since had a somewhat notorious history as it was set alight as part of an arson insurance scam.

The mill was located on the 8+ mile North Walsham and Dilham Canal, Norfolk's only (long-disued) official canal.


  1. Great pics as always David - went here with Clive Dunn last year - excellent location.

  2. remember your roots its "trouble at t mill" great pictures,

  3. Wonderful pictures of a very interesting site. We visited there in June 2011 and took a short video inside...

    I feel the urge to re-visit now...