Friday, 2 December 2011

Blood Will Flow: The Blood Hill Wind Farm

Lying between the villages of Hemsby and Winterton-on-Sea is E.On's smallest wind farm in the country - the fabulously named Blood Hill wind farm.

According to the excellent website Hidden East Anglia, the name does have grisly origins: "The Blood Hills here (TG473185 area, now covered with wind turbines) are traditionally named from a legend that on these slopes was fought a battle between Saxons and Vikings, a conflict so terrible that the hillsides ran red with blood. The name Gibbet Hill nearby also suggests other possibilities." (http://

How true this is, who knows. All I know is, as with May's entry on the Arminghall Henge (, I'm quite fascinated with ancient sites that nowadays, seemingly seperated from their past relevance, still represent power and energy.

Although not much of a 'hill,' the sight of the turbines from a distance, especially if combined with a dramatic sky, is quite reminiscent of the crucifixes on the hill of Golgotha.

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