Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Blakeney Witch Project

Walking the shingle towards Blakeney Point, I came across what I assume were the remains of a rotting, yet strangely-preserved deer - from the condition of its skin, I would have thought it had been washed up from somewhere after a period in the waters. Pebbles and twigs filled its cavities and it was sprawled in a roughly symmetrical manner, its hind legs protruding at roughly the same angles.

About a minute further down the beach was a stone circle, inside which were a triangular shape and the remains of starfish and crabs. Close by to this was a small cairn constructured from the materials found lying on the beach.

Nothing to particularly suggest they are connected or particularly meaningful, but in my mind's natural (no doubt misguided) proclivity to ascribe the macabre and the hidden to the world... I like to think they are. Gave an added sense of loneliness to the already strange atmosphere of the Point.

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