Sunday, 3 October 2010

Subterranean Butchery pt. 1

Images from the cellars beneath the Waterstone's in Norwich's Royal Arcade. Last used as a butchers, there still remain a few traces of its former existence - a few hooks, the massive block, the sloping floor, a few health and safety signs. One wall - just behind a pair of flaking arches - seems to have been bricked up later than the others, so was once presumably connected to either the rest of the Arcade or, considering where it faces, beneath the buildings on Castle Street.

Apologies for the image quality - the darkness meant I had to rely on my camera's flash in nearly every instance.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the blog, cheers for the address. I've just managed to spend the best side of an hour flicking through it, it's insanely cool. It really reminded me how much I used to enjoy photography when I was adventurous, I guess I was spoiled living in London, it was too easy to find stuff to photograph and now I'm back in Norfolk I'm thinking I might start seeking out awesome places to go again as you've done.

    These butcher's photos from under the shop are, frankly, creepy as hell. I feel quite disconcerted knowing I'm working above somewhere as creepy as this but slightly reassured by the awesomeness of it all. I'm just trying to think off the top of my head if there's anywhere you'd enjoy visiting.
    The old grain works by Yarmouth station were one of my favourite haunts when I was a nipper. They've tightened up security a bit more now but with a bit of effort it's still possible to get in by climbing under the fence or around the river wall. You can see the situation here:

    Erm, there's a few places I really want to visit. An abandoned children's home I've heard about but I'm not sure where abouts in Norfolk that is. I want to go find the platforms of Norwich City station on the inner ring road but I don't think there's much left of that. I've always wanted to have a look around the empty government offices at Anglia Square but that's somewhat easier said than done, apparently there's a bar on the top floor which would be cool to see.

    Erm, yeah, I'm sure I'll think of some others but that's it off the top of my head.