Monday, 28 June 2010

The Vehicle Graveyard: Medler's Scrapyard pt. 1

The abandoned, quietly rotting remains of Medler's Scrapyard, in Hevingham, apparently one of Norfolk's main scrapyards for years and years. On the edge of the woods, these remaining ghosts of vehicles and buildings have just been left to die alone in the shade of the trees.

I excitedly took a whole aftertoon's worth of pictures, so will put them up in bite-sized stages. Whilst I'm certainly not claiming any quality for my admittedly amateurish photography, images like these practically take themselves.

Got eaten alive by mosquitos that afternoon, too.


  1. love these, we used to have a beetle from this era when you were a babe.x

  2. But if you are transporting huge quantities of scrap, then a pickup truck with an open back is your best option. The Badger